Straight and to the point

Straight and to the point

Straight and to the point







Friendly hello,

If you’re reading this FB note that means you are already an affiliate
with Influx Entrepreneur or Thinking about becoming a member.

I am glad to have been able to serve you such a power
affiliate program without the monthly cost.

Now if you are a paid member and have created your website
I have some greater news for you today.


As you already know we have charged our clients $500 upfront
and $9 monthly which is cheaper than hosting your own website.

You can map your own domain and tons of other options
if you forgot just visit the main page and refresh yourself.

With the growing demand for our product we are going to move
forward and only work with those serious enough to earn our time.

That being said, here is your chance to offer what many can’t.
As of Friday 21st, 2015 we will increase our startup fee to $1000 and
continue the $9 monthly website fee. But there is more.

We are creating more courses to allow you to sell more products

I hope you are as excited as we are.

I have mentored many that have FAILED online it’s not a proud statement
and before I beat myself up I can tell you exactly why they failed.

Those student wanted fast cash without putting in the work, As I look back
and follow up i can tell you nothing has ever been created,

No content, No videos, No social medial marketing, No Blogging, NOTHING….

Now I have also mentored many that have seen the truth. Hard work does
pay off. Our network has been ranking easily on the internet, and to be honest
that is the 2nd step in getting traffic. Yes I said 2nd without the understanding
(learning the online business) creating content is freaking hard as hell.

Let’s go back to “Teach what you know” what does it mean again.
When I asked you to watch a video you must take the role of the student and
put pride behind yourself.

Pull out some paper a pen, pencil or crayon. Take notes, if something does not
make sense highlight it Google the question and repeat this steps again.

(STEP 1 Take more notes)
your notes will help you create what you need CONTENT.

Without it what are you going to do? Keep posting to the same 5000 Facebook
friends that have not bought anything from you in years?

Stop sending people to a sales page earn their trust provide them value for what
you have just learned, build your business then you can help them build there’s.


Now if you have not logged in “free or paid members” I have included my private video
courses I have collected for several years. Keep in mind this might be free for you right now
but it was not free to me. The reason I am doing this for you is simple

I want you to succeed with me.

As you may already know it’s a (WE) get paid from selling our services online.
If you have earn commissions with us then you already know how that feels.

If you’re still trying to get people to buy from you maybe you should re-think how
you are marketing your business and why potential customer should buy or invest with you.

The videos I have provided for you will give you the answers, hint, hint use that information to
build value for yourself, Create content on your influx website using the information you
will learn from the videos.

Remember the influx model

Not sure if you get it as yet but this could be a blog post, add some pictures,
make a video and now you’re marketing.

Remember the good news you can now make even more money with us.
If you have not bought anything from me and you have been with me for over 6 months.

It’s time you get figure out what you want to do. As you are grown.

Straight and to the point


I don’t work with children
This is not kindergarten
I don’t potty train
I won’t tuck you into bed
I don’t hide from my customers


Straight and to the point


What I will do is show you how to operate a real business using the internet.
You will be required to have a website created to work with me inside the Influx Network

If you want to work let’s work if you want cry goodbye. We are all grown Entrepreneurs
Let’s figure it out and make it happen, Login into your account

Straight and to the point








Garfield Hammond

Influx Entrepreneur

any typos makes me human. and does not make or break me.
remember it’s done and that’s the only thing that matters


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Straight and to the point




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