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Webinar System

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Webinar System

The Webinar System Platform:
The Platform, “Teach What You Know, Not What You Heard” is basically what it does and I will be walking you through, step-by-step. Whether you want to believe it or not, no one can teach what they heard – you can only teach what you know. From my own experience working with the Webinar System, hosting, planning and organizing webinars, it is with great pleasure to say, the environment is educational, trainable, accurate, safe and manageable.

On the first page of  the  Webinar System, you will see icons such as, Members Area, Support Area, and Create a New Webinar. The Create a New Webinar is where you will need to go to manage your webinars.

Please refer to the picture below:

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Webinar System Members and Support Area:
Members Area:
By clicking on the, Members Area, you will be directed to your Webinar System page as shown below.

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On that page, members can access his/her affiliate link and other important information. All this can be achieved simply by following these steps:

Enter your email or Username
Enter your password
Fix  your Language 

in the event that you misplaced your password, you are provided the option to get a password ( you can find this in the, “Lost Password” section). Also, there is another way to log in (if your account information is

connected to your Facebook), simply by clicking on the icon that says, “Connect”.







Note: If you are not yet a member of The Platform then there is always an option the bottom of the page to get registered.

By clicking on the, Support Area, you will be directed to the support center that pretty much explains itself as shown in the picture below.

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The Support Area basically allows you to get assistance if need arises. You have the option to make a new ticket for support or if you already have a ticket number, you have the option to put the ticked number in to check up/follow up on your already request that you have submitted.

Note: Within the support center at the bottom of the page as being illustrated by the arrow, is a video attached. When you click in the area the video is being displayed, it will open the page where you can watch the video.

Please refer to the pictures below:





On the page the video is being displayed, the date is always current and there are options to share on your Facebook and Twitter account(s). Also as shown on the second picture, you can clearly see a, “Yes! Let Me In!” icon that is click-able. In the event that you may want to leave a comment, there is a comment section for you to do so.

The video provided is an interesting one and you may want to check it out. At the top above the Facebook and Twitter icons, reads: Why do you need a coach or a mentor to be successful…Learn more with me inside my personal circle. Being on board with my team members of Influx Entrepreneur, I firmly suggest to anyone to check the video out because it is or can be a positive life change to you. Everything being discussed in the video is not a joke or a prank. It is all proven and very real. We have seen it, taste it and want you to be a part of it. How willing are you to do something that will change your life for good (in a positive way) and that of the people around you? In my next post, I will be showing and discussing how to create a webinar.

A taste Of some of the features we have. We’re always working to Get More release more!

  • Live Events, Automatic Events, Hybrid Events
  • 100% Unlimited Attendees
  • Registration, Event, Thank You Pages
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Webinar Reminder Emails
  • One Click Email Link Sign Up Technology
  • One Click Facebook Sign Up
  • Full Control by integrating With Your WordPress Site
  • Social Share Incentive (exclusive!)
  • One Click Live To Automated Event Conversion (exclusive!)
  • Webcam and Desktop Sharing
  • Full Chatbox Integrations
  • Delayed Timed Events
  • Easy Event Cloning
  • Webinar Short To Place Anywhere
  • Webinar System





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